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Engineering Exploration of Design Project Exhibition 2019-2020

Project – 1

Title – Automatic Internal Pipe cleaning and painting robot

Need Statement 

The pipe manufacturing industry is in need of an automatic robot to clean and paint the inner surface of pipe. It can be controlled remotely via IR or Wi-Fi the robot can be inserted from one end of pipe whose diameter and length will very, so the robot should have capacity to work in varying dimension pipe. The robot should have the capacity to climb vertical as well as horizontal tilted pipe.

Sr.No. Student Name PRN No. Class Guide Name
1 Kamble Maithilee Nitin 1906078 F.Y. B.Tech Prof. Rajendra Pawar
2 Shivane Ankita Mahesh 1906107 F.Y. B.Tech
3 Khavatakar Eshwari Chandrashekhar 1906108 F.Y. B.Tech
4 Ingale Dhanashree Anandrao 1906104 F.Y. B.Tech

Student Proj 01

Project -2

Title- Smart water controlling system for plant

Need Statement

The farm need an automatic water controlling system which can work on factors required for growth of plant or crop and work in sync with the resources available

Sr.No. Student Name PRN No. Class Guide Name
1 Kachare Ramadas Ananda 1906067 F.Y. B.Tech Prof. Pruthviraj Chavan
2 Chechar  Apoorvamegh Anil 1906073 F.Y. B.Tech
3 Attar Saqlain Riyaz 1906106 F.Y. B.Tech
4 Bhagat  Om Sachin 1906074 F.Y. B.Tech

Student Proj 02 

Project – 3

Title - IoT based Smart Water Quality monitoring system using PH sensor.

Need Statement

India has larger agricultural land but it does not cross the world’s standard in plant productivity. There are many reasons for low plant yield. To improve productivity & technology support system for agriculture is essential. Integrated farms monitoring system by using smart phones application & internet of things. Using the system farmers can remotely monitor farm for soil moisture, leaf wetness duration, ph level in soil, temp. & humidity in the environment The system quickly analyses the weather & soil conditions in a particular area where the plant is present & gives new insight to manipulate the decision making.

Sr.No. Student Name PRN No. Class Guide Name
1 Yash Mahesh Salunkhe 1902059 F.Y. B.Tech Prof.Manoj Patil
2 Hritik Shaliwan Mankar 1902058 F.Y. B.Tech
3 Aniket Sampat Warke 1902070 F.Y. B.Tech
4 Shreya Satish Nalavade 1902067 F.Y. B.Tech
5 Vaishnavi Shailesh Jadhav 1902054 F.Y. B.Tech

Student Proj 03 

Project – 4

Title - Automatic Bar Bending Machine.

Need Statement

Bar Bending Machine should be easy to use; the machine can be operated by a layman with minimal experience. If we can make an automated bar bending machine it would reduce steel wastage also can reduce injuries during the bar bending operations.

Sr.No. Student Name PRN No. Class Guide Name
1 Vishwajeet Pramod Pawar 1906044 F.Y. B.Tech Prof.Mayur Maske
2 Chaitanya Jayant Kulkarni 1906032 F.Y. B.Tech
3 Ajinkya Dhananjay Patil 1906031 F.Y. B.Tech
4 Abhishek Kanhaiya Shende 1906017 F.Y. B.Tech

Student Proj 04 

Project – 5

Title- Design and develop an automatic Robot to climb the vertical wind mill to clean, paint and monitor the system.

Need Statement

The turbine company need a robot that can climb vertical pipe to clean and paint the pipe. The robot should be self-guided. It can be controlled remotely via IR or   WI-FI. The cleaning mechanism is detachable and it should possess a surveillance camera for security purpose.

Sr.No. Student Name PRN No. Class Guide Name
1 Patel Sandeep Kumar 1906070 F.Y. B.Tech Prof. Rajendra Pawar
2 Borah Kaushik Pratim 1906071 F.Y. B.Tech
3 Deepak Ray 1906115 F.Y. B.Tech
4 Chaudhary Jay Prakash 1906130 F.Y. B.Tech

Student Proj 05