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Science Exhibition for Children

Every year department of Sciences and Humanities organize Science Exhibition event for primary school students and highschool students. The main objectives of organizing Science exhibitions are:  promoting interest of school students in Science and Technology, encouraging scientific and technological creativity among highschool students and inculcating a sense of pride in their talent, providing exploratory experiences, encouraging creative thinking and promoting psychomotor skills among school students through self-designed models or simple poster presentation. Encouraging problem solving approach and developing appropriate technologies, especially for rural areas and integrating and applying scientific ideas in daily life situations.

Induction Program 2019

On the first day of Induction Programme, admitted students reported branch-wise and division-wise to Class Co-ordinator. Students received a copy of time-table of lectures as well as schedule of Induction Programme. Class co-ordinators interacted with students and oriented them to academic practices in the First Year Engineering. Students are made aware about facilities available in the RIT and how to effectively use them. Later, students are taken on institute round by concern class co-ordinators to visit central facilities like CCF, Gym, Library, Workshop, Office, Class-rooms, Laboratory locations, etc.

During the Induction Programme students’ day starts at 6:30 in the morning with simple morning exercises under the guidance of physical director and his trained team. RIT has seven technical clubs and eight non-technical clubs. The student co-ordinaors and faculty co-ordinators of concern clubs introduced their clubs and its activities to the students on day two. The students are invited to register in interested clubs. The list is as follows:

Sr. No. Technical Club Sr. No. Non-Technical Clubs
1. SCALE Club 1. Drama
2. SPACE Club 2. Dance
3. Go Kart 3. Singing
4. Quad Bike 4. Guitar
5. Baja 5. Tabala
6. Supra 6. Painting & sketching
7. Efficycle 7. Vivek vahini
-- -- 8. Ecell Club

Also, students are introduced to the sports facilities (indoor and outdoor) available in the RIT. The students have registered their choices online for technical, non-technical, and sports. Further these students are allocated club and sport of their choice to know more about it in coming three sessions of respective clubs. It is expected that these students will continue their registration in the membership of the clubs.

On day three and nine students went on trip to visit local tourist sites like KillemachindragadMallikarjun, etc. In the afternoon on these days, they attended presentations by Counseling Cell, Anti-ragging Cell, and Internal Complaint Committee (ICC). Also, a session on Andhshrdhha Nirmulan i.e. eradication of blind beliefs is organized for these students wherein Prof. Patange demonstrated some activities. Through these activities he proved on the basis of science that how people get deceived by fake sadhus and crafty people. He appealed students to create awareness about removal of superstitions around them. Prof. Shailesh Shirguppikar from Mechanical Engineering Department who is head of Global Education & Exposure Cell oriented students about various opportunities for RIT students in term of short-term and long-term programmes, international internships, research opportunities abroad, and preparation of GRE, TOFEL, and ILTES

On the day four, Prof. R. D. Padval, the Registrar of the Institute and his team presented various facilities and services provided to the students through the administrative wing of RIT i.e. office. The students come to know about how to get different certificates and documents from the office, to whom they should meet, the procedural part of it, and how to apply for the various government and University schemes. The session is followed by presentation by the Librarian, Mr. V. L. Hase. He informed the students about different sections ans facilities provided by the library. He told them about effective use of library. Later, in the afternoon session students visited to the respective departments where they are addressed by Head of the Departemnt on activities of the department, role of the department in taking technology in the society, and the expected role of engineering students in society. In the evening session, presentations by course teachers of electives are conducted to introduce students to the course contents and execution of the content delivery and it’s assessment. Also they are informed about need and importance of the course. Foreign language courses like German and Japanese are introduced by the concern trainers. Afterwards, students went for sports activities.

Day five started with expert speeches on the topics like Aahar Vihar and Aarogya by Dr. Mukund Mokashi where the students are made aware by experts about keeping balance of food, health, and movements of the body. Importance of all these in the context of medical implications is discussed with the students by Dr. Mokashi. The session on Art of Living by Vamkshi Sing, Leader and Process Head, Art of Living Global Support, Bangalore was conducted by her in support of her two facilitators. In the evening, English language test to screen the interested students for German and Japanese Language Course is conducted. It is also conducted to test the students English language abilities.

Day six started with expert lectures for Group I on Scientific Temperament by Dr. Nitin Shinde, Professor in Physics and Group II on Human values & Ethics by Ms. Sayali Dubash, Regional Coordinator, Pune, Bahai Academy, Panchgani. The session on Scientific Temper introduced students with the scientific methods of asking questioning, observing physical reality, testing, hypothesizing, analysing, and communicating the observation about the curious things around. The session on Human values & Ethics aroused interest among students about five categories of human values. The session was planned to motivate the students further to read and discuss more in future on more than thirty values which one should try to follow. In the evening students went to the concern clubs to participate in the activities there.

As a part of routine practice during Induction Program, the day seven opened with morning physical exercises and yoga activities at 06:30 in the morning. At 10:00 o’clock in the morning students gathered in the large two groups for speeches. For one group, Dr. Megha Pansare, Professor in Russian Language, Shivaji University, Kolhapur addressed on the topic Freedom of Expression. The session makes students about their right to hold their own views, opinions, and to express them freely without interference. For the group two, Dr. Prathibha Kolate addressed students on the Harmony in Nature: What Is About Me? The session taught the students to keep balance in relations with others as well as physical and psychological health within. The session also discussed about importance of values education. All these expert lectures and speeches were interactive and the students are found spending time even after the session on discussing and getting answers to their queries about the topics. In the evening students went to clubs and the ended with further interactions between Mentor-Mentee.

On the day eighth morning session is started with presentation to Group-I by a team of Counseling Cell, Anti-ragging, and Internal Complaint Committee (ICC). Students are made aware of counseling facility provided by the institute. Students are appealed to take benefit of it for the improvement of their academic performances. The functioning of Anti-ragging Committee and Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) is discussed with Prof. M. M. Mirza and Prof. Sawant madam. The Group-II is addressed by Training and Placement officer and his team to make students know the efforts of the institute on student placement and trainings. In the afternoon, a session after lunch break, Group-I is addressed by Training and Placement officer and his team and the divisions added in Group-II are sent to interactions with class coordinators of respective divisions.  Distribution of Timetables and Curriculum Books 2019-20 are circulated to students and instructed to them about readings of these documents. Students are made aware of importance of attendance. They are informed about role of class coordinator. In the evening Group –I is addressed by Prof. S. M. Patange on the topic Andhshrdhha Nirmulan – Demo Activities and the students of Group-II went to respective club locations.

On the day nine, the students of Group-II went on trip to visit local tourist sites like KillemachindragadMallikarjun, etc. The divisions added in Group-I are sent to interactions with class coordinators of respective divisions.  Distribution of Timetables and Curriculum Books 2019-20 are circulated to students and instructed to them about readings of these documents. Students are made aware of importance of attendance. In the afternoon, students have submitted their online feedback on Induction Programme. Later, students of Group-I went to respective club locations in the evening.

On day ten Monday, 26th August 2019, a grand Valedictory Function of this Induction Programme is arranged for which parents and all students are invited. For the convenience of parents, the function is arranged at Sarjerao Yadav Multipurpose Hall, Islampur-Bahe Road, Islampur. Dr. S. N. Yadav HOD, Sciences and Humanities Department has welcomed guests, invitees, parents and students. It is organized in the presence of Hon. Prakash Rathod as a chief guest. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of Caspro Group of Companies. He addressed students about expectations of industry form engineering graduates. Hon’ble R. D. Sawant, Secretary, KES has delivered presidential speech. Dr. Mrs. S. S. Kulkarni, Director has addressed students and parents in view of bridging rapport between Institute, students, and parents. Regular teaching activities of First Year Engineering are started from Tuesday, 27th August 2019.


Induction Program 2018