About Cultural Cell

  • Objectives:
  • To provide cultural based trainings through different clubs for overall development of the students
  • To participate in University Youth Festival and different cultural events
  • To organize Annual Cultural program ‘Virangula’ in the institute
  • To publish Annual Magazine of the institute – ‘Vishwakarma’


Drama Club To develop overall personality of students To inculcate and sustain the social and national values along with development of various dramatic skills among students
Music Club To conduct different musical classes:
  • Singing
  • Tabla
  • Guitar Classes
Dance Club

To conduct training on different dance styles:

  • Bollywood
  • Hip hop
  • Freestyle
  • Locking
  • Folk
Abstract Arts Club To nurture hobbies of students in arts & to achieve higher standards in arts. To learn professional qualities in arts by process of group learning.


Sr. No. Name of Faculty Category Designation
1 Dr. L. M. Jugulkar Dean, Student Development Facilitator
2 Dr. S. S. Patil Faculty Member Head, Cultural cell
3 Mr. P. S. Patil Faculty Member Auto. Dept. Coordinator
4 Mr. Atul Idate Faculty Member Civil Dept. Coordinator
5 Ms. Dipali I.Ghatage Faculty Member CSE Dept. Coordinator
6 Mr. Omakr Swami Faculty Member Elect. Dept. Coordinator
7 Mrs. Snehal Watharkar Faculty Member ETC Dept. Coordinator
8 Mr. Ganesh Patil Faculty Member IT Dept. Coordinator
9 Mr. S. S. Karanjkar Faculty Member MBA Dept. Coordinator
10 Mr. Aniket Pawar Faculty Member Mech. Dept. Coordinator
11 Mrs. Sanmati Bedage Faculty Member S & H Dept. Coordinator
12 Mr. Akshay Kulkarni Faculty Member Diploma Coordinator
13 Mrs. Swati Patil Faculty Member Diploma Coordinator