IUCEE EWB RIT Student Chapter

Our Vision

“Providing a platform for engineering students to showcase and enhance their skills and making them Global Leaders.”

Our Mission

  • Aspire every engineering student to enhance skills and inspire to be creative and innovative.
  • Able to recognize problems in the society and solve them willingly.
  • To bring constructive changes in society by providing ultimate solution.
  • Providing Engineering Education without Borders to make them Global competent and Leaders.


  • SCALE (Students Consortium for Advancement and Learning in Engineering Education):- From 2018-19, SCALE – RIT chapter formed in Rajarambapu Institute of Technology. RIT is a one of the active member of IUCEE Consortium and strongly supporting its student chapter of SCALE.  It aims to foster a relationship between students as a means of transforming the practice and pedagogy of Engineering Education, through their pragmatic efforts in local environments and societies.

1. IUCEE-EWB RIT was setup on 1st February 2020

  • Created RIT-EWB student chapter and 23 students are authenticated members for the same.
  • Students from different branches came together, to form core committee.
  • Tanmay Bhosale & Mr. Sanket Kale lead this chapter.
  • Establishment of the Student Chapter on 1st February
  • Inauguration Program on 2nd February
  • Explained the working of IUCEE & EWB Student Chapter.
  • Discussed doubts about benefits from different courses.
  • Fun Activity on Create Thinking and Public Speaking
  • Well Organisation, Consistency, Leadership are the strengths. 

2. Recruitment of members

  • Round 1: Aptitude Test
  • Round 2: Group Discussion
  • Round 3: One-on-One Interviews

3. Activities done before COVID-19

  • Icebreaking activity: For introductory purposes and solving tricky tasks.
  • Poster Presentation: For concept representation skills.
  • Speech on a random topic: For improving mass speaking skills.
  • Debate: For improving leadership skills among students.

4. Ten students (4 groups) enroll for IUCEE EWB Leadership Course and successfully completed. All students received Good performer certificates.

  • All 10 students are presented the work in IUCEE Global platform and received an excellent feedback.
  • Course duration : 6 months ( March 2020 )

Team projects:

  • Team 1: Creating good platform for students to give information about different types of scholarships
  • Team 2: Smart dust bin
  • Team 3: Waste management system - Biomass
  • Two (2) groups of student’s proposals shortlisted for funding.

5. IUCEE EWB COVID-19 GRAND CHALLENGES – Four RIT student’s ideas were selected and presented in Global platform and three received appreciation certificate.

  • Use of Drones for Delivering Various Services to Restrict the Spread of Covid-19 - Ms. Aaditi Vishnu Kurade.
  • Creating an aggregated app to create pool of volunteers to help the needy - Mr. Kunal Somnath Ashtekar.
  • Affordable Option for Protection from Covid-19 - Tanmay Mahesh Bhosale.

6. EWB-RIT Student Chapter presented their Chapter Body and the ongoing project “Voice Based Prescription”.

  • This was presented on 13th June 2020.
  • Discussed activities conducted until pandemic.
  • Also, focused on its Future Plan Post-COVID.

7. IUCEE-EWB Student Chapter RIT, has been awarded with the Best Student Chapter Presentation in a 3-Day Virtual Summit 2020.

  • IUCEE student summit was held in the month of September from date 11 to 13.
  • Students from RIT College participated in the summit.
  • There they came to know about project management Sustainable goals etc.
  • There was active participation from our college for Poster presentation also.
  • Students presented poster on the topic House automation and under the track sustainable energy.

8. CORPORATE INSIGHT 2020 was our initiative that we tried to conduct as a part of regional workshops.

  • CORPORATE INSIGHT alongside CAMPUS TRIATHLON was 2 day event conducted on 3rd and 4th of October, 2020.
  • Objectives:
  • To get students basic idea about recruitment process.
  • To impart leadership skills and Innovation in students.
  • To acknowledge the way of success from failure as a first step.
  • It also helped student chapter members to take responsibility, brainstorm ideas and execute them.

9. IUCEE-EWB Student Chapter Annual Report Meeting 2020

  • Each IUCEE Student Chapter convene its own annual general body meeting (virtual) during the month of December.
  • We have conducted on 14th Dec 2020

10. IUCEE Clean and Green Campus Course

  • 15 students along with three faculty mentors registered this course and successfully completed Phase-I and Phase-II Certification on 10th Dec 2020.
  • 13 students promoted for Phase-III

11. IUCEE Student Leadership Award

  • Mr. Tanmay Bhosale, TY B.Tech, ETC, received IUCEE Student Leadership Award 2021 at ICTIEE 2021

12. Outstanding presentation & appreciation Award

  • RIT IUCEE Student Chapter received outstanding presentation & appreciation Award by IASF at ICTIEE 2021


 Activities in Academic Year 2020-21

  • The Grind Culture informative event was held on July 24 2021, from 5m – 7 p.m. on Google Meet platform.

The purpose of the Grind Culture was to increase knowledge about work life balance and essential skills needed for interviews. Our goals were as follows:

  1. Increase knowledge about work life
  2. Increase knowledge about the essential skills needed to survive in the
  3. Explaining about how to boost resume.


Brochure for Grind Culture Event

  • The Roadmap To Digital Marketing informative event was held on November 21, 2021, from 10:30 a.m -12:30 p.m. on Microsoft Teams platform

The purpose of the Roadmap to digital marketing was to increase knowledge about Digital Marketing and how to make a career in it. Our goals were as follows:

  1. Increase knowledge content design, Planning and
  2. Increase knowledge about Statistics, Market Analysis and Digital
  3. How one can see Digital Marketing as a career

•     One team comprising of three students from the institute has participated in IUCEE Wadhwani foundation Activate Business Incubation program. The program duration is 14 weeks. (March - July 2022)

•     One team from the institute has participated in US-Indo exchange for Accelerating Progress towards sustainability & Net Zero World. The project work is under progress and last round of judgment is on July 2022.

Outstanding presentation & appreciation Award

RIT IUCEE Student Chapter received outstanding presentation & appreciation Award by IASF at ICTIEE 2021


Certificate of Appreciation & Momento Awarded to Club

 IUCEE NEP students competition Awards

RIT Winners of IUCEE Students Competition Award:-

  1. Akash Ashok Mahajan, First Prize, Third Year B.Tech, CS&IT
  2. Digvijay Mahamuni First Prize, Second Year B.Tech, CS&IT
  3. Shantanu Bokey, Second Prize, First Year B.Tech, CS&IT
  4. Sakshi Dilip Patil, Second Prize, Final Year B.Tech, E&TC


 Certificate & Cash Prize won by Club Members

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Shirish S. Mane

Student Coordinator: Mr. Kunal Ashtekar


Students, participation, and achievements for Academic Year 2019-20



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Student Leadership Course


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Sanket Kale




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Annual Student Conference

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IUCEE Annual Student Forum




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Faculty Coordinator: Mr. Shirish S. Mane, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Automobile Engineering

Student Coordinator: Mr. Tanmay Bhosale, TY B.Tech ETC Dept.