Media Club


Media Cell Club was established in 2016. It has been one of the most popular clubs among RIT students as well as Faculty. The basic objectives of the club are to develop professional skills in different fields of Digital marketing, video production, VFX editing, Generalism to create a platform for students to enhance their extracurricular activities. Enhance their passion (Photography, film making & market surveyor, Team Leader, etc.) and to provide support to the students passionate about different forms of marketing and various video production but are unable to afford the required things such as camera, etc.


  • To lift standards by unleashing the glorious potential of students.
  • To build a vibrant and supportive community of scholars by markedly expanding opportunities to connect and explorer ideas.
  • To develop individuals to become relevant effective for future opportunities.
  • To build co-operative relationships with students.


  • To enhance connectivity between college activities and students.
  • To advertise and promote various college events through digital marketing.
  • To motivate students to pursue journalism as their career.
  • To build leadership quality by arranging among students.
  • To develop creativity among students.

Activities Performed in Academic Year 2022-23

Short Films produced during the year:

Sr. No. Name of Short film Date of Release Platform Views
1. Freshers Introduction 2022 13/4/2022 YouTube 4.4k
2. Diwali: Festival of Moments 23/10/2022 YouTube 1.2k
3. Reels Throughout Year Instagram 25k+

Open Mic Poetry:

Sr. No. Topic Participants Date No. of participants
1. Dil ki Awaaz: Open Mic Poetry Shayari Fishpond Students & Faculties 24/11/2022 125


Sr. No. Topic Participants Date No. of participants
1. Gangs of Cinepur: Bollywood Day Students & Faculties 18/06/2022 30
2. Light…Camera… Diwali...! (Photography Competition) Students 23/10/2022 to 28/10/2022 20


Sr. No. Participants DATE No. of participants
1. FY Students 30/12/2022 32


Sr. No. Topic Participants DATE No. of participants
1. Introduction to Videography & Video-editing Club Members 2022 26


Sr. No. TOPIC Name of Lecturer DATE NO.OF STUDENTS
1. Iran, America - World War 3? Ruturaj Patil 16 OCT 2019 27
2. 2nd OCT- Khulasa-Death or Murder? Dream Team 1% 3 OCT 2019 56
3. BREXIT- Britain’s exit from the EU Swapnil Jaybhay 4 SEPT 2019 49
4. Maharashtrian forts: History, Travel & Preservation Shushant Pavashe 27 AUG 2019 43
5. Elections in India Indrajit Nikam 29 MAR 2019 53
6. China’s One Belt One Road Omkar Kadam 13 MAR 2019 52
7. India vs Pakistan Omkar Kadam 5 MAR 2019 49


Sr. No. Name of Short film Date of Release Platform Views
1. Fukatcha Salla: The Love at First Sight 31 JULY 2019 YouTube 4.3 k
2. Ghost in Library 26 MAR 2019 YouTube 3.8 k

Graduation Ceremony:-

Sr. No. Year Guests Designation Date
1. 2018 Kishore Patil KPIT CEO 5 FEB 2018
2. 2019 Rajneesh Malviya SVP Infosys 19 JAN 2019

Entrepreneur of the Week:-

Sr. No. Name of Speaker Designation Date
1. Vishal Jadhav Student, KIT 7 APRIL 2018
2. Abhijit Salunkhe Alumni, RIT 13 APRIL 2018
3. Paresh Advani CEO Adoni Tech. 20 APRIL 2018
4. Sarjerao Yadav Owner, SONA Chemicals 3 MARCH 2018
5. Shruti Dandekar   8 MARCH 2018
6. Dr. Nitin Kadam Director, Disha Academy, Wai 19 SEPT 2018

Media Cell Members:-

Sr. No Name Branch and Year
1. Shivam Bhoskar T.Y.AUTOMOBILE
2. Prathmesh Bendkhale S.Y.ELECTRICAL
3. Gaurav Borgave S.Y.ELECTRICAL
4. Kaustubh Gurav S.Y. CIVIL
5. Siddhi Jadhav S.Y. CSE
6. Rutuja Patil S.Y. CSE
7. Prachi Patil S.Y. CSE
8. Alveera Nadaf S.Y.ELECTRICAL
9. Rushikesh Yadav T.Y.MECH
10. Panini Prabhukhanolkar S.Y. CSE