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About Activity

Library katta is a symbol of discussions and debates

The katta is generally the center place of any village. It is like a raised platform around a tree where people come usually in their free time and this is exactly what library kata is for our students. Students meet up at the central library stairs each month on Wednesday to share their thoughts on a certain topic.

The library has started this activity with the vision of the overall development of students which is also the ultimate purpose of education it provides the platform for the students to share their thoughts on a particular issue. It is an informal gathering of the students to think and express themselves on social issues in the community by improving their reading of newspapers books, magazines etc.

There is no evaluation and assessment of any student it is only an informal discussion amongst them that improves their presentation skills and confidence level. As an engineer, sensitivity to social and community issues is important so that the students can identify such problems and develop solutions


Subject Selection-

The subject is chosen for the purpose of acquainting the students with the current affairs of society along with their study order. When choosing a topic, the topic is selected through discussion between the Librarian Library Coordinator and the Student Coordinator.

Poster making-

After choosing a topic, an attractive poster of that topic is created. The poster provides information about the topic of the library katta, including the subtopic points of the library kata, date and time also.


All students and staff are invited by e-mail. It provides information about the date, time, place and subject of the library katta.


  • Stage Daring-

Once the subject is selected for the library Katta, the student who is familiar with or interested in the subject is given the responsibility of conducting the program. This increases the student's stage daring and confidence.

  • Personal Development

Through the library kata session, the student adds knowledge of various subjects. It is useful for their personal development when they come to social life.

  • Current Knowledge-

As the subject of the library kata session is about current affairs, they get information about various issues in society. This information can be further used in various competitive examinations. 

Benefits of Library Katta

This activity is very important for the library staff and students; it facilitates the interaction and exchange of ideas between the library staff and students. It provides an opportunity to know the needs of the readers and understands what reading material the students are inclined towards. It helps to get the right readership that the library needs. Seeing the knowledge of the students on various subjects helps the students to understand that the reading material in the library is being used.


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Library Sessions

  • ‘Doklam : The Tripartite Crisis
  • Triple Talaq And the Present Day Condition of Women in The Society
  • Las Vegas - Another Indicator Of Peacelessness
  • Significance Of The Youth Indian Politics
  • Improper Use of Social Media Platforms
  • Young Republic India and Its Future
  • Indian Education System: Creativity Or Hampering Creativity
  • Swachha Bharat Abhiyan Just a Slogan or Do We Really Care.
  • Anti–Ragging: A Need
  • Smart Phone: An Addiction and Its Impact on Study Exam of Students.
  • E- Surveillance.
  • Democracy Empowerment 13and Role of Youth.
  • पुलवामा : शांतता प्रस्थापितांची नांदी कि अंत
  • तरुणाई @ निवडणूक
  • मंदी - The Indian Economy Slowdown
  • Media Polarization
  • Women’s safety (महिला सुरक्षा)
  • NRC - CAA
  • कोविड 19 लसीकरण जनजागृती
  • National Digital Library Of India Awareness Program
  • Save Environment
  • अभिजात मराठी


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  • Vishwas Hase (9960979003)


  • Sandip Chavan (7507098330)


  • Ankita K. Jadhav (8010924839)

(Student Coordinator)