Program at a Glance

We are happy to announce that Additional Intake of 30 seats has been approved by AICTE for MBA in I.E.V. (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Venture Development) in collaboration with Netra-RIT (TBI Technology Business Incubator).

The program is structured to provide more experiential learning experiences. The postgraduate program aims at providing a blend of expertise and applications with maximum practical knowledge. The program will help the students to recognize, identify and grow their enterprising skills for setting up a successful start-up along with an MBA degree.

With an objective to connecting theory of innovation and entrepreneurship with practice and enabling students to acquire skills, this outcome oriented program is designed to deliver in phases and modules. This will facilitate learning on management of innovation, entrepreneurship and venture development from foundation to advanced stages and simultaneously enable students to apply their entrepreneurial skills in real life situations, validate ideas, build innovations, test market and build a successful venture out of it.

The course is of 2 years and has five Modules and two Action Learning Segments and three Capstone Projects to enable students to learn to recognize, create and shape a business opportunity, develop leadership and build a start-up team, construct business models, and assess market feasibility for launching new start-ups.