To make workshop, a unique identity of RIT through consultancy, students project works , training and industry institute interaction & to create techno-excellent citizen.


  • To develop practical skills to match requirements of global industries through discipline, hard work & safe work environment.
  • To create awareness amongst students about importance of practical & its relation with theory.
  • To inculcate all hard skills to become a techno-excellent citizen.
  • To enhance the quality of services offered to other departments.
  • To establish incubation centre.

RIT – Central Workshop is full fledged workshop for hands on training to next generation engineers. All basic & advanced manufacturing facilities are available to enhance the skill of students. It is well equipped to train the students right from first year. Students are exposed to basic practical knowledge of fitting, carpentry, pattern making, smithy, tin- smithy, welding and various machines in machine shop with rigorous practical work.

Sophisticated machine shop is equipped with 52 laths, all conventional machines such as universal milling, shaping machine, surface grinder, centre less grinder, turret lathe, automat etc. Welding shop is equipped with TIG, MIG, Submerged arc welding, Plasma arc welding. CNC turn A-16 Machine is installed to enable students to take training in CNC turning & milling as well as computer aided manufacturing (CAM). Various software’s like master CAM Level II, MTS simulation, software for turning & milling available here add to the competency level required by industry.

Shop-wise Area and Investment

Shop Area (Sq.m.) Investment (Rs.)
Machine Shop 650 58,30,824
Carpentry Shop 97 3,17,052
Welding Shop 85 1,92,436
Advanced Welding 100 18,94,568
Smithy Shop 165 1,64,127
Fitting Shop 97 54,100

Total Area                  : 1266 Sq.m
Total Investment          : Rs. 82,32,150

Utilization of Central Workshop

Shop Utilization No. of Student
Machine shop F.Y. All Branches, SY Mechanical Engineering, SY-TY Mechatronics Engineering 780
S.Y. Mechanical Engineering 138
S.Y. Mechatronics Engineering 60
T.Y. Mechanical Engineering 104
Carpentry Shop F.Y. All Branches practical 780
Welding & Advance Welding Shop F.Y. All Branches  138
S.Y. Mechanical Engineering 138
S.Y. Mechatronics Engineering 60
Sheet Metal Shop  F.Y. All Branches  780

IRG through Product Development & Consultancy

Sr. No. Academic Year Consultancy/IRG (Rs.)
1 2022-23 63,925/-
2 2021-22 16245/-
3 2020-21 83,305/-
4 2019-20 37,160/-
5 2018-19 54,599/-

Utilisation of Workshop Facility-

Facility is used for UG & PG project work. Component manufacturing, experimental set up fabrication, assembly works is carried in workshop. Required material & guidance in production is provided by workshop.

For PG students, experimental set up work required is fabricated in workshop.

Every year, Auto Engg. Students, participate in SAE BAJA all terrain vehicle competition. Since last 3 years complete manufacturing, fabrication work and assembly is done in workshop.

Production Centre-

In production centre, furniture and fabrication work required for institute & K.E. Society is carried out. Benches, Stools, Tables, Battery Stand, Models, Grills and other furniture is manufactured in production centre. Profit of this work is distributed to staff as part of IRG.

Product Innovation & Development Centre-

Many students have different ideas in their mind. But in day to day academic activities they can not work on it. To facilitate the students to develop their idea/product, by scrutining their idea, material & basic manufacturing facilities & tooling are provided in this centre. They can work here as per their convenient time other than college time.